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Financed Assets Insurance

In asset financing, the default risk associated with financed devices is carried by the financiers.

Embedded Mobile Phone Insurance

Mitigating default risk, damage, loss or theft for mobile devices.

Device insurance covering damage, loss & theft. Borrower credit default insurance in the case of death, permanent disability or outpatient medical expenses.



Embedded mobile device insurance offers comprehensive protection against damage, loss or theft together with an extended warranty.

How it works

Real-Time Underwriting

Zero-paperwork and errors. The entire underwriting process occurs online in real-time.

API Endpoint Integration

With straightforward documentation our API is simple and easy to implement.


Our product delivers very high value at an affordable price.

Track Claims Digitally

Claims management is transparent with constant updates and notifications.

Minimal Documentation

Process claim payment simply and easily.

Web Portal

Online claims handling with clear steps and documentation.

Partner benefits


Automated data exchange with underwriters avoids errors saving time and resources.

Team Access

Collaborate efficiently to monitor book performance, track underwritten policies, and claims processing.

Easy Integration

A leveraged API, developer-friendly documentation, and 24/7 support resulting in a rapid launch time at a minimal cost.

Risk Protection

Minimize default risk through a comprehensive policy that covers outstanding loan amounts in case of asset damage, loss, or theft, as well as loanee death, permanent disability, illness, or accident.

Customer Satisfaction

Extended customer-facing warranty against damage, loss, or theft.


Dedicated channel for real-time communication and quick updates.

What next?

Would you like to use the Lami platform to embed our insurance product onto your assets and loan asset loan facilities?

If yes, then reach out to us to find how the Lami platform can save you time and money and get you to market quickly.

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