For businesses

Pensions and Annuities:

Plan for your employees' retirement with our pensions and annuities solutions. Secure futures and financial stability for your workforce.

Our Pensions and Annuities for Businesses product offers a path to secure futures for your employees' retirement. Take charge of their financial well-being by providing a reliable retirement plan. Invest in their loyalty and peace of mind today.

Included in cover

  • Retirement Income Benefits.
  • Guaranteed Annuity Payments.
  • Pension Portability.
  • Lump Sum Options.
  • Inflation Protection

Not included in cover

  • Early Withdrawal.
  • Non-Payment of Contributions.
  • Unapproved Withdrawals.
  • Bankruptcy of Pension Fund.
  • Changes in Tax Laws.

N.B.: You can enhance your plan for more cover options and additions

For Individuals