Take control of your business's insurance needs and optimise your budget

Get policies that suit your needs and timelines.

Adjust your insurance benefits and coverage and pay premiums as you go. Streamline your insurance operation and keep the focus on your business.

Our portal helps businesses, large or small to better manage risk through an expertly designed customer experience. Whether you are offering competitive insurance or employee benefits, our technology allows partners to find and enroll in the right product in a few simple steps. Filing and tracking claims is fast with round-the-clock access to our highly trained support teams.

Improve and balance risk coverage with tailored insurance policies

Balance risk mitigation strategies across various parts of the business by adjusting policies and coverages from multiple underwriters to suit your specific needs, timelines and budget.

Lightening fast online claims filing and real time tracking

Avoid paperwork and long claims settlement timelines. File claims online with simple steps and minimal data requirements and get settled in record times.

Tailor your insurance payment schedule to your cash flow

Pay as you insure policies allows organisations to adjust their schedule to their budgets through flexible payment plans that improve cash flows.

Offer competitive benefits and perks for your employees and keep morale high

Offer your employees privileged access to a suite of personal financial and insurance products at discounted rates to help mitigate risks in their personal lives.

Manage insurance policies and track performance easily in one place

Onboard your team to the platform and collaborate to handle all insurance related matters - from real time quotation and underwriting, to online claims filing and tracking.

Access a dedicated customer support hotline 24/7

Our customer care team is available through all the usual communication channels to answer questions and assist in emergencies.

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