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Embedded Insurance

Public transportation accounts for over 70% of all transportation in urban areas such as Nairobi.

Cashless PA for Public Service Vehicles

Inflexible insurance products and poor policy management.

Micro-insurance, personal accident policy for bus passengers. Bus operators motor insurance, life, and personal accident cover.



To satisfy the evolving needs of this sector we embedded Life & Personal Accident cover in cashless bus ticketing systems that generated comprehensive journey protection policies for all passengers.

How it works

API integration

Endpoint integration with simple documentation and 24/7 support.

Real-time underwriting

Accurate, error-free policy underwriting.

Micro-policies and payments

Affordable bite-sized policies that will save resource on insurance operations.

Company-wide collaboration

Our dashboard allows coordination of team activities & delegation of tasks leading to improved performance.

Passenger & operator protection

Passenger-facing insurance policy coverage ensuring peace of mind during a trip. Operators also covered for PA ensuring employee loyalty.

Digital claims filing

Our digital claims management is transparent with clear communication, updates & notifications.

Partner benefits

Risk & litigation protection

Sacco, PSV owners & operators are protected from litigation with passengers as all risks related to the trip are covered by the insurance policy.

Customer loyalty

Journey cover of up to KSH 220,000.


Allows rapid launch of the product with low resources required for integration.

Easier collaboration

Improve team performance by coordinating the operation and delegating tasks through easy-to-use dashboards.

Data analysis

Real-time information on policies underwritten allows comprehensive data analysis for better decision making.

Reduce operational costs

Bite-size insurance policies allow substantial savings on the cost of insurance products.

What next?

Are you a SACCO or PSV owner? Would you like to become a partner and use the Lami platform to embed cashless Personal Accident policies for your passengers and operators?

If yes, reach out to our experts and find out how the Lami platform can save you time and resources to achieve your goals.

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